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  • The first step to becoming a Intended parents?

    The first step is to consult with us. During the meeting, please tell us your needs, budget and why you chose surrogacy to start your own family. We will provide you with information and inform you about our process, explain the content of services, all possible costs, and answer any questions you have about us and the surrogacy process.

  • How do surrogate mothers come?

    We have recruited surrogate mothers in the United States and Ukraine. Surrogacy can help families with infertility. They hope to do something for these loving families. For some people, pregnancy is a happy and caring process. In countries where commercial surrogacy is legal, surrogate mothers can get a salary through surrogacy, help expectant parents in need, and enable so many people around the world to realize their dreams.

  • How long does the whole surrogacy take?

    After you, as the prospective parent, sign the surrogacy service with us, it usually takes about 18-24 months to take your child home. Of course, it also depends on each situation. It depends on the process in which the prospective parents started contacting us, whether they made the surrogacy decision at the beginning or already had an embryo, and the medical and legal aspects of different countries in the process. Will affect the final time.

  • How much does the entire surrogacy cost?

    There are many factors that affect costs, such as your IVF clinic fees, egg donor nutrition compensation (if you choose to use donated eggs), surrogacy compensation in different countries, legal fees, and surrogacy medical expenses and neonatal medical expenses.
    We promise to do our best to help you realize your dream of starting a family at an affordable price. You can refer to the surrogacy country and cost, or when you contact us directly, we will help you make a cost estimate based on your situation and needs.

  • Isn't American surrogacy legal in the United States?

    All are completely legal. We focus on helping prospective parents from all over the world. The selected country is open to prospective parents from all over the world in terms of medical treatment and law, and through our streamlined itinerary, the journey back and forth in the process can be reduced. To the lowest.

  • Can I contact the surrogate mother?

    We communicate openly, transparently and honestly. We believe that establishing a purposeful connection like this is beneficial to all parties. Expectant parents and surrogate mothers can use instant messaging, line, WeChat, whatapp or various communication software to make the information between the two parties transparent and real-time. renew.

  • Will my child have nationality issues?

    As long as it is a country where the surrogate mother is legal, the prospective parent’s nationality can be successfully naturalized under certain procedures, so parents can return to their hometown with the child’s passport of origin. Youer will also provide assistance according to different countries so that the prospective parents can successfully bring When the baby returns to the country; children born in the United States will automatically obtain a U.S. passport and U.S. citizenship authorization, even if the intended parents are not U.S. citizens.

  • How long will I stay abroad when my baby is born?

    We recommend that international customers plan to stay in the United States for five weeks after birth to have enough time to proceed with legal proceedings, issue birth certificates, apply for a U.S. passport and the passport of your country of origin; Ukraine needs five to six weeks, and the prospective parents will go to Taiwan for diplomacy. The Ministry office helps the baby apply for the Republic of China passport and so on, and Your will also assist in all the process.

  • Will there be language barriers?

    do not worry! We have a professional translation team that can meet your language needs. When you are pairing with our excellent surrogate mothers and egg donor candidates, we will translate all personal information, fee schedules, etc. to facilitate your choice. In Ukraine, we have local Chinese-speaking escorts, who can provide translation and airport pick-up services at the clinic.

  • Can more than one embryo be transferred?

    Basic surrogacy is transfer a single embryo. If you want to transplant multiple births, we will select a surrogate mother who is willing to have multiple births to pair with you, and the number of embryos will be implanted according to the wishes of the parents at the time of implantation.

  • Can surrogate mothers produce in their own country?

    Take Taiwan as an example. Although the draft on surrogate mothers is currently being revised, surrogate mothers are still illegal, so the place where surrogacy occurs cannot be in Taiwan.

  • Will the cost of surrogacy be paid in one time?

    The overall cost depends on the payment of different programs at different milestones (4-5) of the surrogacy, and is basically divided into the cost of IVF in the clinic and the cost of the surrogate mother.

  • Will someone accompany me abroad?

    In Ukraine, we have a local Chinese-speaking place to accompany you in all necessary itineraries such as appointments with doctors, signing of documents at the notary office, and signing of contracts.
    Surrogate mothers in the United States are all over the United States, and we will give you all relevant assistance. If you have any needs, we can also assist you in hiring a third-party Chinese speaking place to accompany you in your transportation, translation, and daily life.

  • How many times do I have to go abroad in total? How many day need to stay?

    For the first time to get the sperm and eggs, the father-to-be needs to stay 2 whole days, and the mother-to-be is 16-18 days.For the second time to pick up the baby, we will hope that you will arrive two weeks before the expected delivery date, and you will have to wait 5-6 weeks after delivery to obtain your baby's passport.

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