Guarantee Program


We provide fixed price for unlimited embryo transfers and any complications, Intended Parents know how much their surrogacy is going to cost prior to beginning their journey, can have peace of mind financially

Our Fixed Cost Program and Journey Protection Guarantee are designed to help as many Intended Parents as possible bring home a baby while reducing variable costs.
Surrogacy costs can be expensive, and if intended parents hit a roadblock during their journey – a failed transfer or a miscarriage – they will be covered financially under the Journey Protection Guarantee. The guarantee program can include all professional third-party fees, surrogate mother and egg donor fees, and insurance costs-in addition, there will be no additional costs during the entire process, no matter how many transplants or complications occur, there will be no additional costs.
Our goal is to help as many intended parents as possible bring home a baby. Our surrogacy programs are designed to make that happen with as little uncertainty for parents as possible.What's covered in the Journey Protection Guarantee Program costs?Our cost plans are built to cover all of the necessities of a surrogacy journey....and even those that can be unexpected.


Intended parents can expect the following to be covered with Circle Surrogacy's cost programs:

    All surrogate and egg donor screening
    All clinic fees, including medical expenses, PGS
    Surrogate and Egg Donor matching
    Coordination of your journey
    Maintenance of your Trust Account
    Psychosocial support throughout your journey
    All legal fees (includes contracts and parental rights)
    All surrogate and egg donor expenses, including travel and local monitoring
    All surrogate and egg donor medical and insurance (includes complications insurance and life insurance)
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