Surrogacy process in USA


A surrogacy journey consists of many milestones that lead to the biggest milestone of all: bringing home your baby! Every journey is different and on its own timeline. The length of the process depends on the Intended Parents' preferences and situation, but an average journey can be 18-26 months.

Your Guide to the 6 Steps in the Surrogacy Process


The process will be adjusted differently according to the country, clinic, doctor's assessment and the physical condition of the mother-to-be.


Consultation and Sign On 1-3 month

● Consultation with a surrogacy company
● Sign service agreement
● The first fee
● Introducing video calls
● Choose a clinic

Once you've signed on with an agency, you will have your intro video call with the Journey Coordination team who will support you throughout your journey. If you already have an IVF clinic selected, that's great! If you don't, circle can always help you find the best IVF Clinic.

If you already have embryos created, you are all set until your surrogate match. If you need to create embryos, you will do so at this point in time.


IVF process 6-8 months

● Match with egg donor (if needed) -3 months average
● Embryo ready to transfer

If you need to create embryos, After choose the clinic and done the consultation with doctor, will start the process of IVF, that will depends on the different situation and clinic .
We will be with you during all the time and translate for every meeting and documents.


Matching with Your Surrogate 3-5 months

● Matching process & approval
● Intro video call with surrogate
● Start journey to pregnancy

You will be finding the amazing woman who will help you grow your family! While the wait time can feel long, it's because we have a best-in-class screening process for all prospective surrogates: we want parents to match with the highest quality surrogate the first time.
If after that call everyone says "YES!", you will be officially be matched!


Medical and Legal 2-3 months

● Surrogate medical screening
● Legal contracts written
● Medications & monitoring
● The transfer!
● Beta tests

First, your gestational carrier will go to your clinic for her medical screening. This is a day of testing and examinations with your IVF doctor. After the medical screening when she's been cleared by your IVF doctor, during this time, you will also be working with your lawyer to draft your surrogacy contract, while your carrier works with her own lawyer. You each have your own legal counsel to work through the Carrier Agreement. This step could take a few weeks.

Because your surrogate will be required to check in with the clinic often to ensure her body is responding to the medications, she will do this at a clinic that is close to where she lives (this is also called "local monitoring"). Circle and your clinic will find the best clinic and make these arrangements.
When the time is right, your surrogate will go to your IVF clinic for the embryo transfer! Once she returns home, she will continue to go to the local clinic for her beta tests until there is a confirmation of heartbeat.


Pregnancy-9 months

● Ultrasound check-ins
● Create birth plan
● Establish parental rights
● Hospital and delivery prep
● Your baby's birth!

The pregnancy stage is usually the longest step in your surrogacy journey. During this milestone, you'll continue to develop a strong bond with your surrogate as she updates you on the pregnancy and your baby.
Around 10 weeks, your gestational carrier will be released to her own OBGYN and will continue with ultrasound check-ins.

During this time intended parents will also be working with their lawyer and local counsel to establish their parental rights. Intended parents will also be working on their birth plan: You'll plan and plan and before you know it, your baby will be here!


Parenthood-need stay in USA for 6-8weeks

● Soak up the "new parent" wonderfulness
● Obtain baby's passport
● Say goodbye to your surrogate & her family
● Travel home

We recommend that you arrive in the U.S. 2 weeks before the due date and wait. When the doctor releases your baby from the hospital, you are free to take your baby home.

The bond you've built with your surrogate will be like no other, It's important to ensure your surrogate is able to have a moment to say goodbye to the baby, too. She has cared for this little one for you and has been waiting for this day to give your baby back to you.

We're here to support you throughout the entire process
We understand that this process – while exciting! – can feel a bit overwhelming. There's so much to coordinate and think about. For this very reason, intended parents choose to work with a surrogacy agency to help manage every step instead of pursuing an independent surrogacy journey.

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